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Let's start at the beginning

Often we find ourselves with challenges in our day-to-day life, whether it be at home or at work.
As life progresses we encounter ourselves in unprecedented situations that were not planned, situations that perhaps shock us to our core, and result in us needing to step up to the plate.

Hester van Putten, a teacher for the hearing impaired by profession, is a woman who at the age of 40 encountered such a situation. Facing a crossroad but true to her nature, Hester adapted to the situation, and instead of withdrawing she faced the challenge head on and embarked on one of her most daring life journey’s of all. It is Hester’s commitment, determination and passion that is ingrained in the core values of Sicon Revan. A family company which was founded on the principle of Hester’s fierce attitude towards finding a solution for any conundrum.

Our passion

Today, with over 25 years experience in serving the hospitality industry and an expert in recruitment, Sicon Revan is the leading manpower agency that helps individuals seeking employment and organizations seeking human resources. It connects and aligns the individual within a suitable function within an organization in a timely manner. While its original focus was solely to provide housekeeping manpower, Sicon Revan has now grown into a business that provides manpower for all services of an organization’s operations, such as housekeeping, gardening, security and construction personnel. It aims to sustain its network of staff by supporting them with additional training and guidance to guarantee continuous skills’ development and growth.

The Team

Managing Director
Andre van Putten
Director of Operations & Learning
Lia van Putten
Emerita Salazar

Our Expertise

Sicon Revan knows how essential it is to find the right staff for the job and understands that the recruitment process is a common day-to-day challenge for most organizations. By listening and understanding their needs, Sicon Revan is able to step up to the plate for its clients, and overcomes their challenges by providing suitable, cost-effective and timesaving human resources' solutions.
Sicon Revan has the ability to customize its services per client, whether the assistance required is merely a part of the recruitment process such as talent search, interviewing and short listing, or if necessary, Sicon Revan can even establish and manage the entire human resources department of their clients’ organization.

The success of Sicon Revan lies in the emphasis it places on its people; the communication and understanding of their needs, the continuous support it provides and long lasting relationships it has built that benefit all involved - resonating the life’s passion and dedication of its resilient founder.

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Our core business and expertise is the matching of applicants with suitable permanent or temporary vacancies, the administration and the monitoring thereof. Contact us to hear specifically what this could mean for your vacancies and recruitment process.