About Sicon Revan

Our history

“La Oficina de Hester” as it is most called by many applicants, is two companies in one, S.I. Con & Cleaning N.V. and Revan N.V. For more than 20 years, Hester van Putten, who is the backbone of each company, has been in the business of offering ManPower Supply to Aruba’s leading companies. Companies such as Hyatt Hotel and Marriot Hotel also included are the Renaissance Aruba Hotel which was one of the first to use Hester’s services.

Is all started with Revan N.V. offering cleaning services…and due to its growth, S.I. Con and Cleaning N.V. was later established to assist in the demands for extra services.

Both companies have maintained its standards in quality and resources throughout the changing years and has grown to now offer a varied supply of manpower from construction, cleaning, maintenance, restaurant, t and security.


What we stand for

S.I. Con & Cleaning and Revan thrives on….. value and respect for every human being regardless of creed, race, and culture; honesty and integrity in everything we do; fairness and justice promoted in all our business and professional dealing with employees, clients and job applicants.


Work at Sicon Revan

Join the Sicon Revan family. We are always looking for talented people for our clients in the hotel industry.