Signs an Interview Went Well

There are a number of signs that your job interview went well. This article will reveal the top 5 signs that your interview might have gone well.

Even if an interviewer seems unusually excited talking to you, they might still be scheduled to interview a few other candidates after you, and anything can happen…

So what you should be doing after you get home from an interview is:

  • Deciding if you are interested in the position so can respond appropriately when they give feedback
  • Tracking the dates of your past interviews so you know when to follow up with us
  • Applying for more jobs at Sicon Revan! Never count on one single opportunity to work out, and keep applying for positions until you’ve accepted a job offer…

You could do everything right in the interview and still not get the job. There’s a lot of luck involved in job searching. So counting on one single job offer is dangerous and could set you back weeks if it turns out you get rejected after the interview.

5 signs your job interview went well:

What’s in your office kitchen drawer?

Have you ever observed the number of available forks, knives and spoons in the drawer of your
office kitchen? Have you too realized that somehow, when it is time for you to have lunch, there
is either no clean utensils or none available at all?

Whether you have personally experienced this phenomenon or not, research shows that it is
quite more common than you might think. What’s more, this phenomenon even has a financial
impact on the department’s operational costs as the utensils need to be frequently replaced.

Now, think of the drawer as a support department within your business, and the utensils as a
metaphor for its staff. Is anyone missing? If your answer to this question is yes, then it’s time to
dig in deeper.

Unlike your core business departments, a support department does not generate revenue but
continuously generates costs. It takes time and resources to manage and excel in its
operations. Time and resources that you might not have or that perhaps you would like to invest
in your core business.

Now, if you are facing employee turnover within your support departments with just as speed as
you are replacing your forks in the kitchen drawer you are by default increasing the
department’s costs even more. Or the challenge you have is that all staff is occupied at their
maximum capacity just as more production is required in peak periods. Of course, there may be
many other underlying reasons for why your support department is not optimally performing, but
it is specifically therefore that you should consider outsourcing this department or at the very
least work with a direct consultant, like Sicon Revan, who can help you organize, structure and
strengthen your department.

Overall, by sharing the administrative and operational responsibilities of a support department it
may result in a balanced department, with motivated and engaged staff who can optimally
perform and a healthier workplace – one, where, all of you, can have lunch at peace with the
right utensil – and where the focus can return on the core activity of your business.

The 5 senses’ approach for your interview

There it is. An email reply to your job application with an invitation for an interview – an invitation
to make a first, personal, first impression. Aside from the excitement this can trigger, it is likely
to also make you nervous. Perhaps it might do you good to simplify things and remind yourself
that just like you, your interviewers also define their perception of the world – and will base their
perception of you – based on the 5 basic human senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.
Evidently, approaching the preparation of your job interview by using the 5 senses as the key
guideline can ground you during your interview.

You are what you wear

Every person you meet creates a mental image of you, and when it comes to an initial job
interview you want to make sure that it is a positive and memorable one. It is by design that
during an interview you will be observed and you will be judged – almost as if you are a book
cover hoping to climb a top ranking chart. On that account it is of the essence that you pay
attention to all details of your attire, your personal appearance and your body language. While
the likelihood that you own a pair of flip-flops that go with your I-live-on-an-island vibe is
extremely high, this should not be your first-choice in footwear when preparing for a job
interview – no matter what the function is. Do not forget to iron your clothes, clean your shoes,
polish your glasses, make sure your nails and hair are well taken care of, sit straight and make
eye contact. These are merely a few details that you can use to your advantage to boost your
overall points in addition to your competences.

The power of your scent

Our sense of smell is intrinsically intertwined with our memory – it is psychologically able to
trigger a specific moment or person, ultimately even shifting our mood. We realize we have a
close connection with the Caribbean sun however that does not give us a free pass to come into
an interview with body odor or visible sweat stains. You want the interviews to be positively
influenced by your scent not repulsed by it.

Mind your tone

The steadiness of your voice, your choice of words and the speed of your speech will all have
an impact during your interview. It will help the interviewer gauge your character and
enthusiasm for the job function. Speak confidently when introducing yourself and do not be
afraid to ask questions.

Tempted to touch

A job interview is not a date. The only physical touch between you and the interviewer(s) should
be the firm handshake at the beginning of the interview. To calm your nerves it is also
recommended to keep a pen in one of your hands – this could decrease the amount of fidgeting
that occurs while you are speaking.

The sweet taste of victory

The only conclusion you want at the end of the recruitment process is the (figurative) taste of
victory. You want this job, you need this job – this is the reason after all you submitted your
application. Therefore, during the preparation and interview remember why you started. The
interview should leave you feeling satisfied as after all you gave it your best shot.

At the end of the day, it is imperative for you to realize that preparation is the key to a successful
interview and secondly to realize the weight of the above mentioned carries on your final
evaluation as the right candidate for the job.