Pool & Beach Attendant

Pool attendants are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean pool area at hotels, and resorts. They welcome guests, attend to their needs, and assist swimmers. They also set up the furniture and equipment, conduct routine pool inspections, and ensure that the swimming pool area is neat and organized.

This job is require that you:

  • At least 2 good previous job references
  • Willing to work on holidays and weekends
  • Flexible with working hours
  • Male applicants only
  • Must be able to speak; English, Papiamento, Dutch and Spanish


As a Maintenance Worker, your job is to keep buildings running smoothly. You can fix everything from roofs, windows, and floors to doors, and equipment on their own.

  • Must have experience in maintenance service
  • Must be able to speak English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento
  • Must be a male
  • Must be able to work shift hours and in the weekend