We are looking for a professional, high-energy bartender with excellent communication. The bartender will greet customers, learn about their preferences, answer questions, recommend menu items, and prepare and serve beverages and food. You will also upsell items, create recipes, utilize proper equipment and ingredients, and handle basic cleaning duties.

To succeed as a bartender, you should have a neat appearance and an engaging, friendly personality. You should be efficient, observant, knowledgeable, and personable.

This job is require that you:

  • Valid Green Card
  • Flexible with working hours
  • Good communication skills

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Front Desk

You are responsible for greeting and welcoming guests, receiving and delivering all incoming and outgoing mail and packages, answering all calls and directing as needed, and coordinating office activities.

This job require for you to work different hours during the day and night shifts:
7am – 3pm / 3pm – 11pm / 11pm – 7am

This job is require that you:

  • Work nightshifts
  • Flexible with working hours
  • Good communication skills

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Assistant waiter

The assistant waiter is responsible for providing general assistance to waiters in the service of food and beverages to customers in restaurants and dining rooms.

This job is require that you:

  • Must have a Green Card
  • Flexible with working hours
  • No previous experience require

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Must speak Papiamento, Spanish, and some English is a plus!

  • Have a valid ID
  • Must bring Persoonsnummer card from Tax Office
  • Must bring original & Valid working permit or Dutch Passport
  • Must bring Cedula or 5 AFL Census paper

Pool & Beach Attendant

Pool attendants are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean pool area at hotels, and resorts. They welcome guests, attend to their needs, and assist swimmers. They also set up the furniture and equipment, conduct routine pool inspections, and ensure that the swimming pool area is neat and organized.

This job is require that you:

  • At least 2 good previous job references
  • Willing to work on holidays and weekends
  • Flexible with working hours
  • Male applicants only
  • Must be able to speak; English, Papiamento, Dutch and Spanish


As a Maintenance Worker, your job is to keep buildings running smoothly. You can fix everything from roofs, windows, and floors to doors, and equipment on their own.

  • Must have experience in maintenance service
  • Must be able to speak English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento
  • Must be a male
  • Must be able to work shift hours and in the weekend


Barbacks flit from bar station to bar station, refilling garnishes, polishing glasses, stacking napkins, hauling kegs, bringing glassware back from the dishwasher, helping punch orders into the bar POS, and chatting amiably with customers who have questions. Empty trash bins & clean the bar garbage area.

  • Must be able to work any day & any time, mostly evenings & nights
  • Must be a Male
  • Must have a Valid Green Card

Casino Cleaner

Clean, sanitize and replenish the casino facilities including bathrooms, as assigned. Shampoo carpet, wipe windows and dust furniture & machines, efficiently. Gather and dispose of all trash and debris from casino floors and bathrooms.

  • Must be able to work any day & any time, including mornings, evenings & nights
  • Must be a Male
  • Must be a person that loves everything to do with cleaning
  • Must have Dutch Passport

Public Area Attendant

Clean and maintain all items and surfaces in designated areas, ensuring hotel’s standards of cleanliness. Ensures the cleanliness and orderly presentation of assigned areas and maintains a positive overall impression of the hotel in accordance with the hotel’s procedures and standards. Attend team briefings. Greet all guests with a smile and hello. Anticipate the needs of guests. Ensure confidentiality of hotel guests. Pick-up assignment sheet and review priorities. Pick-up designated keys and beepers. Ensure security of keys, pager and radio at all times. Follow through on any additions or changes to the assignment sheets as they arise throughout the shift. Check supply levels in storage closets. Complete requisition for additional supplies needed and submit to manager/supervisor.
Maintain cleanliness and organization of storage areas. Rectify any deficiencies. Check carts/caddies for proper supplies, neatness, cleanliness and mechanical problems. Correct any deficiencies. Clean public areas/bathrooms, restaurants, pool area, offices and service areas using designated checklists. Ensure that cleanliness and condition of each area meets designated standards. Correct any relayed or sighted deficiencies. Complete work orders for maintenance repairs and submit to housekeeping office coordinator. Contact engineering directly for urgent repairs. Accommodate guest requests for housekeeping items or additional supplies expediently and courteously.
Follow up on delivery and return of all such items. Monitor and handle guest complaints by following guest services training procedures and ensuring guest satisfaction. Ensure security of hotel property. Respond to all pages by beeper promptly. Document pertinent information in department logbook. Complete all paperwork and closing duties before leaving. Reports Lost & Found Items to security. Deliver world-class level of cleaning service.

  • Must be Flexible to work any day & any time, mostly night shift
  • Must be Female
  • Must be a person that loves everything to do with cleaning


Assist in keeping a restaurant, bar, or lounge clean and sanitary, assist in cleaning dishes and pots. Operate and maintain cleaning equipment and tools, including the dish washing machine, hand wash stations, pot-scrubbing stations, and trash compactor. Wash and disinfect kitchen and store room areas, tables, tools, knives, and equipment. Ensure clean wares are stored in appropriate areas. Use detergent, rinsing, and sanitizing chemicals in the 3-compartment sink to clean dishes. Inspect, pull, and stack cleaned items, send soiled items back for re-scrubbing and re-washing. Rack and spray all racked items with hot water to loosen and remove food residue. Sort,soak, and wash/re-wash silverware. Breakdown dirty bus tubs. Empty and maintain trashcans and dumpster area.
Clean and mop all areas in assigned departments. Dispose of glass in the proper containers. Break down cardboard boxes and place them and other recyclables in the recycle bin.

  • Must have a Valid Green Card
  • Must be Flexible to work any day & any time