We are looking for a professional, high-energy bartender with excellent communication. The bartender will greet customers, learn about their preferences, answer questions, recommend menu items, and prepare and serve beverages and food. You will also upsell items, create recipes, utilize proper equipment and ingredients, and handle basic cleaning duties.

To succeed as a bartender, you should have a neat appearance and an engaging, friendly personality. You should be efficient, observant, knowledgeable, and personable.

This job is require that you:

  • Valid Green Card
  • Flexible with working hours
  • Good communication skills

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Assistant waiter

The assistant waiter is responsible for providing general assistance to waiters in the service of food and beverages to customers in restaurants and dining rooms.

This job is require that you:

  • Must have a Green Card
  • Flexible with working hours
  • No previous experience require

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For one of our client, we are looking for a hostess with experience to deal with guests. Hostess makes sure that their guests feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. They create a warm and welcoming environment for guests from the moment they enter the establishment.

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Bar Boy/Girl

For one of our clients, we are seeking an energetic Bar Boy or Girl who is looking to be a part of a fun and dynamic work environment to help bartenders.

Must have a Green Card and willing to work from 5pm till 1am.

  • Keep the bar stocked with liquor
  • Make sure that there are enough ice cubes and other products needed throughout their shift
  • Make ensure that glasses, stirrers, shakers, strainers, and other bartending tools are clean and in the proper position for Bartenders
  • Motivated to learn the work

Various Part-time jobs

We have various jobs open for part-time work.
Assistant Waiter/Runner
Helper Bartender

You must be in a position of a valid Green-card to apply for these jobs.

Baker / Pastry Helper

We are looking for Baker / Pastry Helper to assist baker chef.

  • Preparation of cakes, bakes, pastries, and other items
  • Decorating and finishing cake, bakes, and other items
  • Cleaning and maintaining your baking area as neat as possible
  • Emptying and storing packaged ingredients
  • Maintaining and sanitizing your baking tools, machinery, and utensils.
  • Assisting with any other cooking and food preparation.


Barbacks flit from bar station to bar station, refilling garnishes, polishing glasses, stacking napkins, hauling kegs, bringing glassware back from the dishwasher, helping punch orders into the bar POS, and chatting amiably with customers who have questions. Empty trash bins & clean the bar garbage area.

  • Must be able to work any day & any time, mostly evenings & nights
  • Must be a Male
  • Must have a Valid Green Card


Assist in keeping a restaurant, bar, or lounge clean and sanitary, assist in cleaning dishes and pots. Operate and maintain cleaning equipment and tools, including the dish washing machine, hand wash stations, pot-scrubbing stations, and trash compactor. Wash and disinfect kitchen and store room areas, tables, tools, knives, and equipment. Ensure clean wares are stored in appropriate areas. Use detergent, rinsing, and sanitizing chemicals in the 3-compartment sink to clean dishes. Inspect, pull, and stack cleaned items, send soiled items back for re-scrubbing and re-washing. Rack and spray all racked items with hot water to loosen and remove food residue. Sort,soak, and wash/re-wash silverware. Breakdown dirty bus tubs. Empty and maintain trashcans and dumpster area.
Clean and mop all areas in assigned departments. Dispose of glass in the proper containers. Break down cardboard boxes and place them and other recyclables in the recycle bin.

  • Must have a Valid Green Card
  • Must be Flexible to work any day & any time

Cook Helper

Prepare the food that the cooks and chefs will be cooking and serving to customers. This includes washing and cleaning vegetables, slicing and cutting vegetables and meats and seasoning and marinating food. They weigh and measure food servings and prepare cooking equipment for food preparation.

  • Must have a minimum work experience of 2 years in the position applying for
  • Must have a Valid Green Card
  • Must be Flexible to work any day & any time


Plan, prepare, and cook food items to ensure the highest quality service and experience for customers. Keep the
kitchen organized and running efficiently. They ensure proper food handling, sanitation and following food storage

  • Must have a minimum work experience of 2 years in the position applying for
  • Must have a Valid Green Card
  • Must be Flexible to work any day & any time